The health and safety of our passengers is always our number one priority and to this end we are constantly assessing modern technologies to ensure we are at the forefront for our industry.

In these unprecedented times, the need for innovative thinking and practical solutions is more important than ever. At A-Class Cars you can feel safe in the knowledge that we will continue with our rigorous, regular health and safety checks, whilst actively ensuring the latest safety devices are in place to meet current government requirements to the best of our ability.

Airbubble image showing usage in a car

Your Safety During Covid-19

A-Class Cars have installed several new safety features to ensure our clients are able to travel in as clean and safe an environment as possible.

To reduce the threat of airborne transmission we have decided to add the Airbubbl, from Airlabs, to our vehicles. This device actively draws in the air to filter out 95% of particulates including viral, bacteria, soot, dust and pollen and then distributes clean air back into the vehicle. This protects the inhabitants and dramatically reduces the risk of infection from Covid-19 via airborne transfer.

We have also installed plastic sheeting in our vehicles to provide a degree of separation between the driver and passengers. In addition the Mercedes V class people carrier, due to its size, ensures a 2 metre distance can be maintained.

Our Ongoing Health and Safety Commitment

A-Class Cars take the safety of our passengers and our drivers very seriously, so we ensure that the vehicles we use are maintained to the highest standard.

All vehicles are licensed and undergo council checks every six months.

All vehicles are fully serviced, by main dealers, around 4-6 times a year and have a new MOT every six months.

A-Class Cars only used premium branded tyres on the fleet. Winter tyres are used, in season, to ensure our vehicles can perform outstandingly in adverse conditions.

All our drivers undergo regular health screening, licence checks and DBS checks, as standard.

Image of a wheel

As standard, all our vehicles are valeted after every journey to reduce the risk of surface droplet transmission and to ensure our clients are safe and comfortable, at all times.

Your safety remains our number one priority.